what a gem! old age + twsm

meandering through the youtube and…. we’ve got these peas and these cookies, I mean… these cookies are obviously too small. I mean, what is this? and it’s just breaking here, and it’s breaking here. I mean, it’s just a joke! ya know, it’s not a big deal, it’s just a joke, you know. that’s all.

momentous fanno creek

Of all the lovely bands here in Portland, one of the most professional in appearance and sound, in my opinion, has consistently been Fanno Creek. The album release show was amazing, great friends, many of them in successful bands themselves, swooned over classic canno freek acoustics, beautifully layered with strings. The release of the album itself […]

cello patti

Earlier this year, Portland Cello Project got together with Patti King (of Radiation City) to perform their version of Please Leave a Light On, from Beck’s Song Reader. 

the pleasure garden

On my birthday evening, I had the pleasure (hehe) of watching Alfred Hitchcock’s first film, The Pleasure Garden, with live musical accompaniment by Portland’s own 1939 Ensemble. What a fabulous collaboration, I hope NW Film Center puts more of these on… I hope I’m paying attention when they do. ~val. 1939 Ensemble – “Sabotage” (Official […]

interview content

Here is the structure of a skeleton –I mean, the skeleton structure… this is a basic writeup for your interview. It’s still being ironed, this is to help you get an idea of what you’re getting yourself into. You will be sent a final draft. ~val. Video 1:: 2-5 min. – Quick/ridiculous Q&A style. Silly. […]